Easy Lessons

Directed by Dorottya Zurbo

Kafia is 17 years old. Two years ago, she fled to Europe, Hungary on her own, escaping from a child marriage in Somalia. She has been living in a state children’s home in Budapest ever since. She learns the language, goes to high school, prepares for the Hungarian graduation exam and starts a modelling career. On the surface, everything seems fine. However, behind that beautiful and confident appearance lies a heavy heart. Her repetitive daily routine revolves around constant dilemmas and self-doubt about leaving behind her Muslim culture and everything else she grew up with. As she lets the camera get closer to her the film slowly becomes an intimate confession. What does it mean, on the brink of adulthood, to break with your past and fully give yourself up to a new self in order to live in Europe?
Camden International Film Festival Nominee, Emerging Cinematic Vision Award Dorottya Zurbo Dokfest Munchen Nominee, VFF Documentary Film Production Award Best Documentary Sarajevo Film Festival Nominee, Heart of Sarajevo Best Documentary ZagrebDox Winner, Movies That Matter Award Dorottya Zurbo


A film by Peter Hegedus

A young mother flees her country in the midst of a revolution, revealing to her daughter a history of abandonment that crosses three continents and four generations.
Sydney Film Festival Nominee, Documentary Foundation Australia Award Peter Hegedus Australian Directors Guild Nominee, ADG Award Best Direction in a Documentary Feature Hungarian Film Critics Awards Winner, Film Critics Award Best Documentary

The Next Guardian

Directed by Dorottya Zurbo, Arun Bhattarai

The contrasting dreams of two generations clash within the microcosm of an ancient Buddhist monastery in Bhutan, when Gyembo an ordinary teenager is chosen as the next guardian of their family monastery by his father.
San Francisco International Film Festival Nominee, Golden Gate Award Documentary Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival Nominee, First Appearance Award Best First Documentary Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival Winner, Best Documentary Dorottya Zurbo, Arun Bhattarai

Born and Bred

Directed by Justin Frimmer

A documentary film on the intense culture of amateur boxing in the east side of Los Angeles. A new breed of young fighter emerges alongside the tumultuous Latino struggle for power in the city of angels. A story that crosses boundaries and genres, it is a film about the relentless, human fight to make it in life and the sport of boxing that gives birth to that fight in the starkest terms imaginable.